The University of Algarve (UAlg) is the leading Higher Education institution in the South of Portugal. Recognized for the excellence of its research, the quality of its teaching and the close relations it establishes with society. It offers initial and postgraduate training courses in several training areas and has ample spaces, infrastructures and equipment that provide excellent conditions for study, work, research and socialization.

6Study areas

UAlg offers undergraduate and integrated master's, master's and doctoral courses, as well as postgraduate courses, free and language courses. See full listing here.

All responses to academic and international affairs and mobility issues.

Applications for bachelor or master's degree through national competition, special competitions, change of institution / course pair.

Applications and entry into a cycle of undergraduate and integrated master's studies.

No âmbito do Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência (PRR), a UAlg disponibiliza cursos livres e de pós-graduação, criados em colaboração com empresas e entidades da região, para promover a atualização e requalificação de competências valorizadas no mercado de trabalho. 

"The University of the Algarve was not only one of the greatest certainties of what I wanted in the future, but also the best way to follow a path into my adult life."

Daniela Rodrigues

"We have teachers who surprise us, not only with their qualifications and experience, but also with their empathy for students."

Pere Nogueira

"UAlg helped me grow as a future professional and also as a citizen. Compassion, unity, teamwork and responsibility are very important concepts for any young person, in their professional future and in building their character "

Francisca Pugsley