Algarve Biomedical Center Research Institute

Type of Structure
Research Centre
Clévio Nóbrega
Thematic Area
Science and Health Technologies
Scientific Area
Health Sciences

The Algarve Biomedical Center Research Institute (ABC-RI) is a recently formed research unit that aims to develop innovative biomedical research of high scientific quality, to become a reference unit in biomedicine research in southern Portugal and the center of excellence associated with the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences ( FMCB) ) from the University of Algarve.

Devoted to basic and translational research and post-graduate training in biomedical sciences, ABC-RI integrates highly competitive and productive 10 Research Groups with several national and international projects, high-ranked scientific outputs and an excellent network of research collaborations. Combined, the Group Leaders host 16 Researchers (PhD holders), 15 PhD students, 16 MSc students, 8 technicians plus several BSc students per year.

The research groups result from a multidisciplinary collaboration between researchers, clinicians, and stakeholders in the research domain of the research unit. Their innovative research aims to bring real advances to science, creative solutions to biomedical problems, and innovation to the society.