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Algarve Centre of Marine Sciences

Type of Structure
Centros de Investigação
Adelino Canário
Thematic Area
Exact and Natural Sciences
Scientific Area
Marine Sciences

The Algarve Centre of Marine Sciences - CCMAR - is one of the main research centres in marine sciences in Portugal, bringing together specialists in the areas of marine biology, ecology, oceanography, environmental sciences, biotechnology, fisheries and aquaculture.

Located in southern Portugal, CCMAR is an independent and non-profit research organisation and is part of the University of Algarve system. Its strategic partner is the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) and, together with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR), it constitutes the CIMAR Associated Laboratory.

Dedicated to research and development in marine sciences, the CCMAR aims to promote multidisciplinary research and training related to the marine environment, with an emphasis on the processes of environmental change that affect marine ecosystems. With a multidisciplinary team of around 250 scientific researchers, well-equipped facilities and laboratories and easy access to important marine and coastal ecosystems, the CCMAR conducts activities in five main areas: Research, training, industry, society and cooperation.