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Alumni are, for the University of Algarve, lifelong members of the academic community because this is their university, always.

Who we are?

Alumni is a Latin word for disciples, students. In Portugal the term is commonly used to refer to former students of higher education.

Alumni are, for the University of Algarve, lifelong members of the academic community. Thus, we assume a natural relationship of affinity and sharing with all those who once constituted the student body of UAlg, underlining our thanks for the role of each one of you in the development of the institution.

And because the relationship does not exist without communication, the Alumni UAlg page is one of the main means of publicizing the activities, events and initiatives that we promote, as well as a set of products aimed at our alumni, namely the Alumni UAlg card, to which associate many benefits. In terms of job opportunities, there is an array of useful information in job search and preparation for entering the labor market.

But far beyond the practical aspects, this is a privileged meeting place between the university and its alumni in a constant dynamic of mutual help and conviviality, as this is your university always!

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Guiding principles of the Alumni Mentoring Program

The aim of this program is to boost the identification and development of transversal skills (soft skills) of the current students of the University of Algarve (UAlg) with the testimony and the help of alumni with consolidated professional paths.

Thus, the alumni mentors:

They accompany their mentees (maximum 5) advising them on academic and professional decisions based on their own experience. They help us to better understand the labor reality, namely in the different career options, leading them to reflect on their goals and the professional path they intend to follow, so that they are better prepared for entering the labor market.

Sensitize and streamline the development of soft skills, as an essential tool in personal and professional development. In this way, they advise the mentees whenever necessary, to undertake an experience complementary to academic training or to participate in initiatives conducive to obtaining information regarding professional opportunities.

They contribute towards providing students with access to new opportunities for knowledge of the labor market and the ​ start your network of professional contacts.

The program takes place in the second academic semester, between February and July. However, it may continue after this period, in the case of 1st and 2nd year students and upon the will of both parties, and this decision must be communicated to the Alumni and Professional Departments Office (GASP);

The program starts at the launch session, to be held at the beginning of February. In this session, mentors and mentees are introduced and clarifications about the program will be provided, with regard to the objectives and guiding principles.

A minimum number of contact hours (10 hours) must be met, through at least two face-to-face meetings. The remaining contacts can be established using digital media.

At the end of July, the mentor should send GASP a final report on the program's operation, highlighting the qualitative assessment of the program's results.

The mentees also send a report highlighting their general opinion regarding the development of the program. In the absence of this submission, certificates of participation will not be issued.

Registration of Mentors

To register as a mentor, please fill out the following form.

The UAlg alumni card

To be able to print the Alumni UAlg card, simply access the members area and proceed with the registration or update the data. Personal information, contained on the card (name; student number and citizen card number), is automatically inserted. See the associated benefits in the "Benefits" tab.




We are here to help

Assisting our graduates in preparing the search for their first job with a view to their rapid integration into the labor market is another priority for us. In this space we present a set of information that could be very useful to you.

The time has come to make yourself known to the world of work. For that it is essential to equip yourself with a set of tools that will help you to be successful. There are many places where you can collect information. We present some, click on the links to access the information:

The UAlg Carreira Alumni Award aims to honor and distinguish, annually, a graduate in one of the courses taught at the University of Algarve (UAlg). It is intended to recognize the career of a graduate with proven relevance in the following areas: development of society; recognition of the quality of teaching at UAlg.

Eligibility : All graduates from UAlg, with bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees, who have completed their first training 10 years or more and are not contractually linked to UAlg (equivalent; full time; exclusive dedication) are eligible.

Process stages : The process consists of two phases: (1) consists of the appointment of personalities certified by UAlg. At this stage, the entire community (students, teachers, employees, alumni ) is invited to participate by suggesting a person or persons, using their own form on the Alumni and Professional Opportunities website. Self-proposals are accepted; (2) there is a place for the selection of the winner by the jury, among the eligible nominees.


The jury is composed of the Alumni Council. The jury's decisions are entirely your responsibility and there will be no appeal.


Criteria for assessing candidates : Eligible nominees will be assessed against the following criteria: (1) Career that reveals skills in the development of society in economic, social and cultural terms. Recognized value creation in the field of social welfare; (2) Career that reveals competences of influence in public policies, standing out for its contribution to civil society; (3) Exceptional achievements in its area of activity, highlighting the contribution to its development; (4) Contribution to the recognition of UAlg's teaching excellence. Omitted cases are resolved by the jury and in case of doubt the jury may request document (s) that it deems necessary for the appreciation of the proposals.

General criteria for assessing candidates:  (1) The prize is not awarded posthumously; (2) The prize is only awarded to the same person once; (3) Alumni who are members of the jury are not eligible.

Award delivery: The prize that will have a symbolic character will be delivered in a specific ceremony according to the calendar of the initiative.



Submission of proposals here.


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"A Universidade do Algarve mudou a minha Vida. Não foi apenas a localização quase idílica, a envolvência ambiental, as instalações modernas, a robustez científica e jovialidade da equipa docente, o plano curricular de excelência, a audácia de ser e fazer diferente - foi a filosofia de uma universidade que embora jovem, desde logo se soube afirmar ímpar, inovadora e integradora. Muito obrigado, UAlg!"

Élio Vicente

Biologia Marinha

"A qualidade e empenho do corpo docente, as boas condições físicas para o estudo, bem como, as experiências de associativismo, constituem ainda hoje parte fundamental de cada vitória por mim alcançada a nível profissional."

Paulo Niza


"Foi um privilégio estudar na Universidade do Algarve. Marketing não foi apenas um curso, foi um percurso. A verdade é que ‘O Futuro também se faz a Sul’."

Catarina Vasconcelos


“Reconheço na Universidade do Algarve grande contributo para o meu sucesso profissional e pessoal e de criação do meu networking. A UAlg tem sido um catalisador de inovação e desenvolvimento do Algarve."

Luisa Salazar


"É importante que as instituições se preocupem com os seus alunos e que lhes proporcionem as melhores oportunidades, por isso tenho muito orgulho em fazer parte deste universo que se chama Universidade do Algarve."

Ana Raquel Santa Maria

Engenharia Biológica

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