Centre for Studies in Heritage, Landscape and Construction

Type of Structure
Centros de Estudos e Desenvolvimento
Carla Rolo Antunes
Thematic Area
Engineering and Technologies
Scientific Area
Heritage, Landscape and Construction

The Centre for Studies in Heritage, Landscape and Construction (CEPAC) is a new centre for studies and development at the University of Algarve (regulation approved on 2 June 2014). It was formed by merging the Centre for Studies in Heritage and History of the Algarve (CEPHA) with other UAlg study centres in the areas of Landscape Architecture, Land Management and Civil Engineering.

The purpose of this study centre, which brings together some 40 specialists, including professors, researchers and graduate students, is to create a structure for research, transfer, knowledge dissemination and service provision at UAlg and in the Algarve region that encompass different types of knowledge and contribute to intelligent management, an integrative intervention and sustainable development and management of the territory. In this way, it aims to ensure that UAlg's competences and expertise in the areas of urban rehabilitation and urbanism, landscape, environment, history and heritage, intertwine more efficiently with the region.

Multi- and interdisciplinarity is, therefore, one of the greatest assets of this Study Centre, where more than two dozen doctorates work alongside other specialists in various areas. Deeply knowledgeable about the Algarve region, they will now have a framework within which to work in liaison with other specialists, in an environment of multidisciplinary research and action, contributing to better integrated management and sustainable development for the entire region, through the provision of services or collaboration.