7th European Pond Conservation Network Workshop (EPCN)

7th European Pond Conservation Network Workshop (EPCN)

The University of Algarve will host the 7th European Pond Conservation Network Workshop + LIFE Charcos Seminar and the 12th Annual SWS European Chapter Meeting, from 1 to 6 May 2017.

The 7th European Pond Conservation Network Workshop + LIFE Charcos Seminar has the global theme “Ponds in a Changing World”, with the following highlights:
- LIFE Projects Networking session;
- Field trips to Vila do Bispo and Sagres;
- Special sessions on hydrogeology, biodiversity, challenges and experiences for conservation and management, LIFE projects experiences;
- Workshops;
- EPCN General Assembly.

Theme for the 12th Annual SWS European Chapter Meeting is “Sustainable wetland management - Exploring novel approaches for Water management Biodiversity conservation, Restoration, Pollution control and Climate change”, including:
>> Thematic sessions on
- Paludiculture as a sustainable use of wetlands;
- Ecological quality and conservation of wetlands;
- River conservation: facing agriculture intensification and climate;
- Wetlands and water quality.
>> Field trips to Odelouca dam and Vascão stream
>> SWS European Chapter meeting.

More information available at: http://www.7epcnlife.untappedevents.pt

Contact: 7epcn@ualg.pt

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