The study cycle in Biology aims to train professionals providing a solid base with concepts and theoretical, laboratorial and field skills, on the structure and function of biological systems, in an evolutionary and ecological perspective.

Biology degree is presented as major area, but this degree offers more specialized options: one in Biology and another in Biology and Geology.

The main goal of this degree is to provide students with theoretical knowledge, adequate for a full understanding of biological systems and a solid technical training. 

The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities
  • Laboratory technician (clinical analyzes, microbiology, pharmaceutical industry, hospital, academic, histological, biotechnology industry, maintenance of vivariums, molecular diagnosis, scientific research)
  • Nature technician (municipalities, natural parks, protected areas, pedagogical farms, zoos and botanical parks)
  • Commercial technician (instrumentation to laboratory, chemical rand molecular reagents to laboratory and pharmaceutical products)
  • Research assistants integrated in I&D teams in companies, institutes, investigation centers and state laboratories
  • Entrepreneurs in technical innovation areas, natural products and ecotourism
  • Senior technician in services of local and central administration