This degree in Languages, Literatures and Cultures aims to promote and strengthen the acquisition of knowledge and skills, which will enable both  furthering  studies and entering the job market.


  • To provide an acquisition of knowledge and skills in languages, linguistics, literatures and cultures, resulting in a  high communicative competence and a higher comprehension of literary and cultural values
  • To develop "students" interest and aptitude for languages, literatures and cultures, in order to encourage them to the deepen their knowledge and skills, through postgraduate studies
  • To meet the training needs of teacher trainees for middle and High school Education by connecting their knowledge acquired in this degree with their knowledge in a Master's programme in education. The combination of the two will grant students teaching qualifications

This degree offers five optional areas for majors. Students choose one on registering: 

  • Portuguese and Lusophone Studies
  • Portuguese and Spanish
  • Portuguese and French
  • English and Spanish
  • English and French
The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities
  • Teaching in Middle and High Schools (after completion of a Master's programme)
  • Lecturing Portuguese in a foreign Universities (after completion of a Master's programme)
  • Cultural services in Municipalities, Embassies, Foundations and others institutions related to the cultural industry
  • Journalism. Translating, interpreting, revising and editing
  • Cultural events
  • Cultural programming
  • Public administration
  • Research