The postgraduate course in Fundamentals of Medicine is a specific training program, agreed between the Champalimaud Foundation and the Algarve Biomedical Center (ABC), through the FMCB of the University of Algarve. The training of researchers knowledgeable about medical nomenclature and able to discuss the basic aspects of Medicine is crucial for the development of Translational Medicine, so the Champalimaud Foundation considered it structural to provide this type of training to a selected number of researchers of the Foundation.

The ABC and the FMCB thank you for your interest in this training; should it open to the general public in the near future, we would be grateful if you could indicate your interest in this form.


  • Mastery of the medical lexicon and acquisition of knowledge about basic areas of Medicine, such as: anatomy, physiology, histology, pharmacology and medical pathology, among others

Tuition and Fees 2022/2023

Application Fee: 

Registration Fee and School Insurance: 


The applications are made using the online form, available in the "Admissions" tab.