Distance learning

The Zoom platform allows you to make videoconferences and use this platform for distance teaching.

Conducting classes by videoconference

The organization of classes by videoconference is available to all professors at UAlg through the Colibri-Zoom platform, maintained by FCCN. Colibri, based on the Zoom videoconferencing system, supports up to 300 participants in each session and can be used from any personal computer, with no need to use VPN outside UAlg Campuses, both by teachers and by students. students. This technology works on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

In addition to bidirectional video and audio channels for all participants, Colibri-Zoom includes a chat system for exchanging messages and offers users the possibility of sharing the work environment, thus allowing the simultaneous transmission of slides or PDF.


How to attend a video conference class?

  • To attend a class / session you must not log in to the Colibri system. Login is only required by the session teacher / organizer;
  • To attend a class or session by videoconference, you must receive a link with the beginning of a session from the teacher who teaches the class. Just click on the link and follow the instructions;
  • An authorization request should appear to open the zoom.us.app page. This step may take some time the first time and you may be asked to install the zoom application;
  • The option to test the audio system will appear (allows you to confirm that the microphone and audio are working correctly);
  • After these steps, you will be presented with the main Zoom screen, already with the session / class active. Regarding this screen, most options are intuitive. In the lower bar you should ensure that you have the video and audio turned off, in order to guarantee the success of a class with a high number of participants. The video and / or audio should only be connected if there is an indication from the moderator / teacher for this purpose;
  • For more information on the configuration and operation of the zoom system, see https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206618765-Zoom-Video-Tutorials.


How to prepare a class / session?

Due to a very high number of simultaneous uses of the Colibri - Zoom system at a national level, which exceeds the maximum number of licenses subscribed by the FCCN, some of the Colibri sessions are not being created with the professional version, so they are temporarily limited to forty minutes (until this limitation is lifted by the FCCN). As long as this limitation remains, more than one session can be created per meeting / class.

The organization and scheduling of each meeting / class must be done by the responsible teacher, following the directives of the Rectory and Pedagogical Councils of each Organic Unit.

For this purpose, the steps available in the user manual (see document box) and more information at:​​​ http://novo.ualg.pt/node/155 and in ualgnet.ualg.pt 






Manual de utilização da plataforma Colibri

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