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Communication is currently one of the strategic bases of any Higher Education Institution. With the mission of sharing information about the most important achievements, goals, developments and objectives, in order to ensure the complete dissemination of the knowledge produced within the institution, communicating is, today, more than a civic duty; it is truly imperative. 

In this sense, the Communication and Protocol Office (GCP) of the University of Algarve is responsible for managing internal and external communications and consolidating the University’s institutional image. It is also responsible for disseminating the training offer and research projects to the media, schools and entities in the region. Through editions and publications, it also promotes good teaching and research practices and the dissemination of knowledge and science.

The GCP is also responsible for:

- Leadership, planning and brand management at the University of Algarve;
- Dissemination and communication of UAlg;
- Special events and visits;
- Protocol;
- Crisis communication and problem management; 


What do we do?

  • Brand Management and Marketing

Management of internal and external communication, and consolidation of the University's institutional image.

  • Digital Communication

Portal; UAlgNET; digital marketing; management of the University's digital ecosystem (web, social networks, mobile).

  • Internal Communication

Editions and publications to promote good teaching and research practices and the dissemination of knowledge and science. 


  • Media Relations

Strengthen and enhance relations between the University and the media.


  • UAlg News

UAlg in the media; press releases; journalistic dissemination, news publication.


  • Special Events and Visits

Participation in Fairs and Teaching Exhibitions, Visits to schools UAlg Team, Open Day, Summer Courses.

What are our communication channels?

The University of Algarve has at its disposal a wide range of communication channels, social media networks and multimedia channels that allow it to highlight the work that is developed at the institution. Our communication channels include communication with the media, by sending press releases, pages on social media networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin) and also our institutional magazine UAlgzine).


How can we help you?

If you are about to publish a research article, have reached an important milestone in your career or have an interesting “story” to tell, please contact us. We can advise and help you tell your “story”, prepare the press release and even provide you with some training to better communicate with the media.