Inauguration of the sculptures by Artist Bordalo II

On 09 April will take place the inauguration of two sculptural pieces by artist Bordalo II that reinterpret the iconic seahorse.

The ceremony begins at the Faro Municipal Camping Park, at 4:30 pm, with the inauguration of the Seahorse of the Câmara Municipal de Faro(CMF) and the interventions of the Mayor, Rogério Bacalhau, and the Artist, and ends with the inauguration of the Seahorse of UAlg, at 5:15 pm, at the Gambelas Campus.

At UAlg, besides the Rector Paulo Águas and the Artist, Jorge Palma, researcher responsible for the HIPPOSAVE project, which is an action plan for the recovery and conservation of seahorse populations in the Ria Formosa, based on research developed by the Hydroecology and Fisheries Biology Group of the Center for Marine Sciences (CCMAR), will also intervene.

Artur Bordalo, artistic name Bordalo II, was born in 1987 and saw in his grandfather - painter Real Bordalo - his great source of inspiration to become a plastic artist or "artivist" as he defines himself. He creates and recreates from our garbage.


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