Marine and Environmental Research Centre

Type of Structure
Research Centre
Sara Raposo
Thematic Area
Exact and Natural Sciences
Scientific Area
Marine Sciences

The CIMA's mission is to promote scientific knowledge and innovation in the area of the sea and the environment, in order to contribute to sustainable, integrated and intelligent development, in line with the European Union's priority research themes for 2020, namely those related to climate action, sustainable ecosystems and environmental resources.

To fulfil its mission, the CIMA intends to contribute to improving the efficient use of terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems (including the deep sea) in order to promote economic and sustainable development, job creation and national cohesion.

Another of the CIMA's major objectives is to contribute to the knowledge, prevention and mitigation of regional and global changes and associated natural risks. In addition to scientific competence, this task involves the ability to transmit knowledge to society and thus contribute to economic development.