Maritime Station

The Ramalhete Center hosts research projects related to marine organisms in its geographical area.

The Ramalhete Center is an infrastructure of the University of Algarve managed by the Center for Marine Sciences of the Algarve (CCMAR) since 1994. This very versatile marine station has tanks and aquariums for the maintenance of living organisms, from batteries of small tanks to large outdoor mesocosms. It mainly hosts research projects related to marine organisms in its geographical area.

With easy access to the unique and extensive system of lagoons and marshes of Ria Formosa and coastal areas that facilitate in situ studies, the Marmalima do Ramalhete Station is located in the heart of the Ria, next to one of its main channels, combining perfection the proximity of the Gambelas Campus with privileged access to this ecosystem and exceptional conditions for the cultivation of aquatic organisms.

The Ramalhete Center, through CCMAR, is part of the Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories (ASSEMBLE), a partnership that has facilitated the European scientific community to access its facilities and services.

CCMAR serves as an infrastructure for students and scientists from universities and institutes across Europe and integrates some European initiatives providing user access to special facilities and biological models, through pan-European structures, such as EMBRC.

Wi-Fi throughout the building (eU)

  • 1 Theoretical classroom (capacity 18 pax.)
  • 1 General purpose dry laboratory (45m2)
  • 1 Wet laboratory for biological sampling (16m2)
  • 6 Small wet laboratories (16m2)
  • 1 Room for large tanks (120m2)

Ramalhete Center - University of Algarve

Edf.7, 8005-139 Faro

Tel. 289 800 900 /ext (2)202800,  (2)202801

Tel. 289 800 051 (CCMAR)