Measures adopted

Learn about some of the measures adopted by UAlg to face the pandemic.

Bearing in mind the existing DGS guidelines regarding travel and events, and in order to reduce the sources of contagion, the following exceptional measures are now established:

1) Travel on vacation is not recommended, particularly for countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

2) Mission travel by members of the academic community is not recommended, particularly for countries with confirmed COVID-19 cases, so it will only be authorized if, cumulatively:

a) The interested party agrees to voluntarily comply with a quarantine period of 14 days upon returning;

b) The interested party authorizes the notification of the trip to the Regional Health Administration, if necessary;

c) The director of the organic unit or research center substantiates that it is an essential and urgent move, and the activities are not hampered by the fact that the person may have to comply with the quarantine period;

d) Reservation is made with cancellation insurance.

3) Restrict the travel of people from other countries, to events and juries to be held by UAlg or to collaborate in activities developed by research centers. These trips can even be suspended for periods of time, taking into account the evolution of the epidemic;

4) Suspend the mobility of students, teachers and staff to the University of Algarve, within the scope of Erasmus + mobility programs or under international cooperation protocols, for as long as is necessary;

5) Suspend the holding of congresses, workshops, seminars or other public events in spaces of the University of Algarve with a number of participants over 50, for the period of time that is necessary;

CEUAlg will maintain an updated list of members of the academic community traveling abroad, as well as those who come from other countries / regions, to UAlg. The list will include name, travel route, estimated date of arrival at the University and telephone contact, which will be informed to the Regional Health Administration, if necessary.

Social Action Services

Considering the importance and mission of Social Action Services, these services will propose the necessary measures to ensure the continuity of the provision of accommodation and food services, to students who depend exclusively on that support, considering the possible possibility of closing the facilities.
In addition to providing isolation areas, a resettlement plan will be prepared in the event that it is necessary to ensure a place for quarantine periods for students in isolation, who may be prevented from returning to their homes.


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