Mid -Season Campus - Biology and Marine Sciences

Course for international students and researchers



University of Algarve’s Mid-Season Campus will take place in the week of 10th to 16th of June. The program is FREE and includes courses in the morning and sports and cultural activities in the afternoon (such as boat trips, hiking, visit of some places of cultural interest etc.). Accommodation and all meals are also included. The coming and return trips are sole responsibility of the students. The participants must be aged 18 or above.

Application deadline: 6th may


Target audience

This course is targeted to students from a first level higher education program (preferably but not exclusively students at the final year of their graduation) on the areas of natural sciences, environment and technology. The course is also targeted to graduated students and young researchers that are currently searching for a post-graduation program (namely master programmes) directed to the marine and biological sciences. The students have to be fluent in english. It is not mandatory to speak portuguese.

Main goals

The course main aim is to provide insights and hands-on approaches on topics to be further developed at master programmes related with Marine Sciences, Aquaculture, Marine Biology, Coastal Sciences, Microbiology and Molecular Biology. The course is aimed to be practical and the students will have interaction with research and applied science topics currently under development at the Algarve University and associated research centres.  


Accommodation is free of charge and includes six nights, breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. The rooms can be shared.The participants are covered by insurance.


» Online application form» Copy of CV» Motivation Letter» Language Proof (Optional)» Other documents (Optional)Note: Selected participants will have to present a copy of the transport ticket to ensure the reservation.


» Applications closed «  

Visa Information

» Tourist VisaYou can consult all the information about Visa here  

Program (Temporary)

Day 0 - 10th June» Check in

Day 1 - 11th June

» Morning: Visit to the Ramalhete Experimental Station 

Located in the Ria Formosa lagoon area, the Ramalhete Experimental station is used by researchers to maintain live organisms. In this visit, students will take contact with several systems to maintain seaweeds, cuttlefish, sea cucumbers, seahorses and several other fish species such as Senegalese sole, gilthead seabream and European seabass. They will be able to see the production of microalgae, rotifers and Artemia used as live feeds for larval production.

Responsible person: João Reis, Elsa Cabrita

» Afternoon: Iconic species  

In this activity, researchers will present the work performed in some iconic marine species (e.g. cuttlefish, Senegalese sole, seahorses, sea cucumbers) produced for different purposes at the University of Algarve and at Research Centres. Most of the research has been dedicated to aquaculture, conservation, fisheries and restocking.

Seminars by: Mercedes Wanguemert -sea cucumber; Jorge Palma- seahorses; Aquagroup-Senegalese sole; Antonio Sykes- cuttlefish

Day 2 - 12th June

» Morning: In-situ barrier island and tidal inlets coastal dynamics 

A field visit will be performed to the Culatra Island including the observation of the Faro-Olhão Inlet and the analysis of the hydro and morphodynamic of the barrier island system. This visit will include a boat trip to both Farol and Culatra locations for the explanation of the hydrodynamic regime and associated coastal dynamics.

Responsible teachers/researchers: Óscar Ferreira, Ana Rita Carrasco, Ana Matias

» Afternoon: Information available soon

Day 3 - 13th June

» Morning: Biological studies

a) Observation of alive Phytoplankton and zooplankton (including jellyfishes and fish larvae) using microscopy.

Involved teachers: Alexandra Teodósio, Ana Barbosa, phD researchers: Joana Cruz e Vânia Baptista

b) Visit to the Animal Facility (http://cbmr.ualg.pt/animalfacility/ ):

The visit to the Animal facility starts with a brief introduction about the mission of this research unit and the services here provided.  During the tour the students will have the opportunity to perceive and engage the use of animal experimentation in life-sciences and biomedical research.

Involved teachers: Vítor Fernandes (Unit Manager), Marta Vitorino (Pos-Doc), Leonor Faleiro

» Afternoon: Information available soon

Day 4 - 14th June

» Morning: Thesis day

Students currently developing their master studies at the Algarve University will describe their recent research and/or applications, and will show their findings. The activity will be planned as practical as possible allowing the students to participate at the explained research or to test the developments.

Possible presentations by:

Student: Jokin Echezarreta MSc: Marine and Coastal Systems;

Student: Raquel Carrilho; MSc: MAP (Aquaculture/Nutrition); Supervisors: Claudia Aragão, Sofia Engrola (CCMAR)

Student: Ana Santos; MSc: MAP (Aquaculture/Reproduction); Supervisors: Elsa Cabrita (UAlg); Catarina Anjos (UAlg)

Student: João Pontes; MSc: MAP (Fisheries); Supervisors: Karim Erzini (UAlg); Mafalda Rangel (CCMAR)Supervisors: Ana Rita Carrasco (CIMA), Óscar Ferreira (UAlg)

» Afternoon: Information available soon

Day 5 - 15th June

» Free Day

Leisure activities