Exhibition "Universidade do Algarve - 40 years to create the future | UAlg Library

6 January a 28 February
12h - 15h
Gambelas Campus - António Rosa Mendes Library

The exhibition "UNIVERSIDADE DO ALGARVE - 40 YEARS CREATING FUTURE", created within the framework of the 40th anniversary celebrations of the University of Algarve, will be on exhibition at the António Rosa Mendes Library, on Gambelas Campus. One year after it opened at the Assembly of the Republic, on May 9th, 2019, the exhibition returns to UAlg where it can be visited until August.

The location chosen for the inauguration resulted from the fact that it was the only Portuguese university created by the Law of the Assembly of the Republic. The Bill was filed on April 19, 1977 and received unanimous approval from Parliament on January 16, 1979, allowing Law No. 11/79 to be published on March 28, which created the University of Algarve . This unanimity signaled in an unprecedented way the creation of the Institution, which was born, therefore, of the “will of the Algarve”.

This itinerant and interactive exhibition aims to show and explain what happened over these 40 years and, at the same time, celebrate the course of the Algarve Academy. As the history of any institution is made up of people and facts, important moments are portrayed here, from its genesis to the present day, also showing UAlg's lines of investigation.

Aware of the Sustainable Development Goals, which define the global priorities and aspirations for the 2030 Agenda, and require action on a global scale, within the limits of the planet, the visitor will learn about the numerous lines of research of the University of Algarve and its commitment with the 17 Objectives defined in the context of the United Nations (UN). Establishing an action plan based on the environment, combating climate change, people and the planet, this exhibition shows how UAlg intends to be a local contribution to global development.