Research Grants

Learn about some of the main training opportunities with grants at the University of Algarve.
Título Vagas Tipologia Área Científica Grau Data de início Data de fim
Research Grant 020/2022 – Bachelor within project UIDP/04211/2020 IHC 4 Bolsas de Investigação (BI) Archaeology, or similar Undergraduate 23-05-2022 13-06-2022
Research Grant 030/2022 – Bachelor within the project 0754_CIU3A_5_E 1 Bolsas de Investigação (BI) Geosciences Undergraduate 13-05-2022 26-05-2022
Research Grant 018/2022 – Bachelor within the project MC-39-2019-SPINY 1 Bolsas de Investigação (BI) Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate 13-05-2022 26-05-2022
Research Grant 013/2022 – PhD on behalf of the project PTDC/HAR-ARQ/1709/2021 DOPE 1 Bolsas de Investigação Pós-Doutoral (BIPD) Biological Sciences Doctorate 14-04-2022 31-05-2022
Research Grant 081/2021 within the project 0622_KTTSEADRONES_5_E 1 Bolsas de Investigação (BI) Engineering of Science in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or similar. Undergraduate 25-11-2021 10-12-2021


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