Research Grants

Learn about some of the main training opportunities with grants at the University of Algarve.
Título Vagas Tipologia Área Científica Grau Data de início Data de fim
Research Grant 007/2023 – PhD within the project eGROUNDWATER 1 Bolsas de Investigação Pós-Doutoral (BIPD) nvironmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Sciences, or related field Doutor 22-03-2023 05-04-2023
Research Grant 014/2023 – Bachelor within the project 72582- MONITUR 1 Bolsas de Investigação (BI) Management Sciences Undergraduate 22-03-2023 04-04-2023
Research Grant 033/2023 – Master within the project 101071300 Sustainable Horizons 1 Bolsas de Investigação (BI) Environmental Sciences Mestre 22-03-2023 12-04-2023
Research Grant 016/2023 – Master within the project 101071300 Sustainable Horizons 1 Bolsas de Investigação (BI) Biological sciences, Economics, Environmental science Master 22-03-2023 04-04-2023
Research Initiation Scholarship 010/2023 – Students enrolled in a degree within the project UIDB/00281/2020 CEAACP 1 Bolsa de Iniciação à Investigação Científica (BII) History and Archeology 12º Ano - Ensino Secundário 24-03-2023 06-04-2023
Research Grant 021/2023 – Master within the project 2022.07519.PTDC - BigSeed 1 Bolsas de Investigação (BI) Agricultural Sciences Master 16-03-2023 29-03-2023
Research Grant 013/2023 – Master within the project IMPACTUR ALGARVE 1 Bolsas de Investigação (BI) Other (Social Sciences) Mestre 15-03-2023 28-03-2023
Research Grant 022/2023 – Graduate within the project LIFE Vida for Citrus 1 Bolsas de Investigação (BI) Agronomy Undergraduate 15-03-2023 28-03-2023
Research Grant 081/2021 within the project 0622_KTTSEADRONES_5_E 1 Bolsas de Investigação (BI) Engineering of Science in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or similar. Undergraduate 25-11-2021 10-12-2021


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