The University of Algarve’s Academic Services are made up of a central service, which provides services from academic management to supporting students throughout their academic life.

The University of Algarve’s (UAlg) Social Action Services (SAS) are an administratively and financially autonomous organisation founded to provide students with support. Its main objective is to grant economic and social aid, therefore promoting equal opportunities.

The Financial and Assets Services department deals with the areas of financial, budgetary and asset management, internal monitoring, supplies, logistical support and managing asset registry.

IT services are responsible for providing, maintaining and operating computer resources with a view to procedural dematerialisation, providing teaching support, sharing research and technology, promoting innovation and technological quality in order to enable universal use by the community.

The services are responsible for implementing and ensuring the human resources management policy, thus ensuring compliance with the applicable legal and procedural regulations.

The University of Algarve’s Technical Services operate in the areas of: construction, maintenance, conservation, rehabilitation, requalification, cleaning, security of buildings and equipment, outdoor spaces.