UAlg Eco Bike

The UAlg Eco Bike project allows the UAlg's community to take and use bikes for free and temporarily.


The main goal of this project is promoting the practice of physical and sports activity, associated to the new ways of light mobility more sustainable, through the adoption of the alternative transportation.  

The system has currently 100 bicycles, differentiated by size Small, Medium and Large.

Consult regulation here


Applications are open permanently 

Application Form here

Enrollment and Bicycle Pickup

After the deadline for submitting, and after examining applications, the user will be contacted to pick up the bicycle assigned to him/her.  Pickup must be made within a period of five working days at the headquarters of the Academic Association of the University of Algarve, Campus da Penha. 

When picking up the bicycle, the user must present the following documents:

  • Identification document
  • Proof of link to the institution
  • Proof of personal accident and liability insurance
  • Term of acceptance/responsibility
  • Security deposit of 30 euros (cash)

Personal accident and liability insurance here: The option presented here is the registration with the Portuguese Federation of Cycling and Bicycle Users. Registration includes sports insurance suitable for daily cycling on the public road (training and commuting) in the amount of 29.50 euros/year. It is at the current time the most affordable solution.

Acceptence/Responsability Term here

Security deposit: The security deposit will be returned to the user when returning the bike if in conditions similar to that of the pickup, except for natural wear due to use.


Oficina BikeMe do Agrupamento de Escolas Pinheiro e Rosa

Escola Pinheiro e Rosa   Oficina BikeMe do Agrupamento de Escolas Pinheiro e Rosa


The Oficina BikeMe do Agrupamento de Escolas Pinheiro e Rosa carries out maintenance, overhaul or repair of conventional bicycles, such as adjusting / replacing gears and brakes, wheel breakdown, cleaning and lubricating the transmission, assembling components, among others. The aforementioned services carried out on bicycles from the UAlg Eco Bike project are free of charge for its users, with the exception of the material needed for the same, in case it is necessary to replace components.

Services must be scheduled by contacting the numbers below (telephone, sms or whatsapp).

Schedule: Wednesday, 14h30-16h00, Escola Secundária Pinheiro e Rosa, Rua António Gedeão nº 1, 8005-546 Faro.
GPS Coordinates: 37.030940, -7.928021
Contacts: Nelson Brito 962 318 690 / Cláudia Benedito 933 257 370




R. Eng. Nuno Abecassis 2, 8005-548 Faro
Schedule: Sunday to Saturday: 09h00-22h00
Contact: 289 89 20 50
Redes Sociais:
GPS Coordinates: Lat. 37,0282º Long. 7,9420º

OnTrack Your Bike Store


OnTrack Your Bike Store
Sede Altimetria, Parque Ribeirinho
Schedule: Monday to Friday: 10h00-20h00, Saturday: 10h00-19h00
Contact: 915 194 443 /
GPS Coordinates: Lat.37,0253 / Long. -7,9463

G-Ride concept bike store


G-Ride concept bike store
Urbanização S. Luís, edifício C, loja 4
Schedule: Monday to Friday: 10h00-13h00, 15h00-20h00, Saturday: 10h00-13h00, 15h00-18h00
Contact: 289 812 080 / 937 538 475 /
Social Media: instagram @gridebikestore / facebook @Gridebike
GPS Coordinates: Lat.37,024841 / Long. -7,920792



Regulation for the transfer and use of bicycles at the University of Algarve
Term of acceptance / Responsability

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Phone: +351 289 888 444

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