UAlg offers Portuguese course for Ukrainian refugees

The University of the Algarve is to provide a free intensive Portuguese course for Ukrainian refugees.


  • A 12h module (2 hours, 2 x per week) of Portuguese language - survival level - for refugees.


  • To provide very basic notions of the Portuguese language which will allow the recipients to communicate and integrate into the community as quickly as possible;
  • To develop, above all, basic day-to-day oral communication;
  • To create a network covering as many localities as possible, avoiding the need to travel and allowing work with small groups.

Who are the collaborators?

  • Language teachers of UAlg and other institutions that show availability to collaborate;
  • Teachers from other scientific areas, senior technicians, students and alumni. These volunteers will accompany a language teacher for 12h and, afterwards, they will be invited to continue this project, replicating the model with other volunteers who join in.

Who can fill in the application?

  • Technicians/volunteers or individual Ukrainian refugees.

This is an initiative of the School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism, the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences and the School of Education and Communication, in collaboration with the UAlg V+ Volunteering Group.

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