Créditos: Universidade do Algarve

Centre for Studies and Advanced Training in Management and Economics - Scientific Hub of the University of Algarve

Type of Structure
Polos de Centros de Investigação
Carlos Cândido
Thematic Area
Economics, Management and Tourism
Scientific Area
Management and Economics

The Centre for Studies and Advanced Training in Management and Economics (CEFAGE) was created in 2006 by professors from the University of Évora and is dedicated to scientific research and the dissemination and application of knowledge in the various fields of Management and Economics. The CEFAGE has been funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) since 2009 (previous project reference:  UID/ECO/04007/2013; current project reference: UIDB/04007/2020). In its first evaluation by FCT, the CEFAGE obtained the classification of “Excellent”, having previously obtained the classification of “Very Good” in 2014.

The CEFAGE's main objective is to promote the production and dissemination of high quality research in Economics and Management. It currently has more than fifty members, some at the headquarters at the University of Évora and others in the scientific hubs (management units) at the University of Algarve, the University of Beira Interior, the Faculty of Science and Technology at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and at Lisbon Polytechnic’s School of Accounting and Business (ISCAL).

The CEFAGE-UAlg scientific hub at the University of Algarve, which has its facilities at the Faculty of Economics, currently has 10 integrated researchers, several collaborators and several PhD students. Its track record includes scientific research works of a conceptual, methodological and empirical nature, published in high quality journals, as well as extensive experience in supervising master's, doctoral and post-doctoral students.