The Educational Sciences and Training degree gives students the opportunity to diagnose problems and analyze educative contexts and educational activities, know the guiding questions of educational and training politics, inside and out of the country and understand how to operationalize educational and training programs and projects.

The students are invited to:

  • Understand the educational phenomena
  • Observe and analyze, critically, the educational reality
  • Plan, organize and evaluate educational activities
  • Develop methodologies and educational resources
The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities

The main career opportunities of Educational Sciences and Training are:

Educator, trainer and educational mediator (psychopedagogic support, education and training of young people and adults, teachers training, trainers training, socio-educational intervention and animation and community intervention).

The graduates in this degree are also able to operate as senior technicians in the follow institutions:

  • Public administration, autarchies and associations of local development
  • Educational services in autarchies, foundations, libraries, play centers, mediatheques and museums
  • Particular institutions of social solidarity and reinsertion of children and young people
  • Institutions of special education, to support children and young people
  • Institutions related to research, develop and cooperation
  • Training departments of companies, public services and unions
  • Projects of local development and community intervention
  • Cultural and recreational associations
  • Professionals schools
  • Support offices for students
  • Health centers
  • Centers of qualification and professional education
  • Nursing homes
  • Employment and professional training