Communication Sciences

Language of Teaching
Faculty / School
Escola Superior de Educação e Comunicação
Area of Studies
Arts, Communication and Heritage

The main objective of this three-year programme is to offer a humanistic and technological training in the more general facets of communication.

The studies cycle seeks to look into theoretical and practical issues related to historical, social, technological, psychological, linguistic, scientific, philosophical, cultural and media contexts.

Other issues of a more specific and applied nature are also analysed, in order to develop the communicative and critical competences of a formal and conceptual nature in the areas of language, semiotics and arts, as well as operational competences at the level of the techniques and methods of media and of other communication institutions.

Having that in mind, optional subjects are offered in the specific areas of social communication; cultural communication; and organizational communication with ever more practical orientations. This culminates in the student placement in an entrepreneurial environment under professional Supervision.

The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities

The graduates in Communication Sciences are able to operate their professional activity in the follow areas:

  • Press, radio and television journalism
  • Information production
  • Audiovisual production and realization
  • Production of multimedia contents
  • Consultancy in companies of press office, communication, image and publicity
  • Organization and management of information in regional and national companies and institutions, like autarchies, public services and banks
  • Public relations and image offices, internal and organizational communication
  • Promotion of cultural spaces, like museums, film clubs and art galleries
  • Conception and implementation of cultural intervention projects
  • Organization and management of information entities in public, private, cooperatives and associative
  • Cultural critic in social communication

"UAlg helped me grow as a future professional and also as a citizen. Compassion, unity, teamwork and responsibility are very important concepts for any young person, in their professional future and in building their character "

Francisca Pugsley