Biochemistry is a very dynamic and rapidly growing interdisciplinary science. The precise boundaries between Biochemistry and related areas such as chemical, biomedical, pharmaceutical, biological, health and environmental sciences are constantly changing and often difficult to define. Nevertheless, Biochemistry represents a fundamental area for contemporary societies as it addresses issues of utmost importance in the fields of health and the environment. Scientists trained in biochemistry have been awarded Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Nobel Prizes in Physiology and Medicine in recent years.


  • To acquire a solid background in fundamental themes of biological sciences, mathematics, physics and chemistry, that support all knowledge in biochemistry
  • Proficiency in essential biochemical subjects, namely structural biology, molecular biology, metabolism and cellular physiology
  • Acquisition of laboratory skills
  • Development of critical thinking and autonomy in problem solving and continued learning
The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities
  • Research laboratories at industry level
  • State laboratories or universities and research centers
  • Pharmaceutical and food industry
  • Analyzes laboratories
  • Study prosecution, in national or foreign universities