Number of slots for 2024/2025: 28


Conditions of access

1) Strong Academic Background in appropriate disciplines
A "strong academic background" in appropriate disciplines means candidates must hold a high education diploma issued by a competent High Education authority attesting the completion of a degree equivalent to a 1st cycle (180 ECTS), in a field where Chemistry plays an important role. This may be a degree in Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biochemistry, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering, Clinical Analysis, Medicine, etc.
2) Demonstrated command of the English language
A "demonstrated command of English" means the candidate must prove he/she can understand, speak and write English proficiently enough to take the majority of modules, which are taught in English.
3) Adequate financial resources
You should be fully aware of the financial costs of the programme. These include the tuition fees and the costs of living and studying in the city of the Host University, i.e. accommodation, transportation and food.

Criteria for selection of the candidates

All eligible candidates are evaluated and ranked according to the following criteria:
A. Quality of previous qualifications - evaluates the academic curriculum of the candidate: previous degrees, post-graduate courses, specialization courses, scientific publications.
B. Proficiency in languages of the consortium, particularly English.
C. Motivation and Potential - measures the benefit to the candidate from the Master.
D. Suitability - match between the candidate’s profile and the Master. Appropriate professional experience is evaluated.
E. Recommendations - based on the confidential evaluation of the candidate by two referees.

Necessary documentation

Each criterion A-E is scored 0-5. Only very high quality candidates, with all criteria above 4, are accepted to the course.


More information and application here


Application calendar for 2024/2025

1st Phase*  
Applications 05-01-2024 to 31-01-2024
Selection  01 to 09-02-2024
Sending the selection to the Academic Services 09-02-2024
Publication of results 16-02-2024
Complaint 16 to 20-02-2024
Complaint results Until 23-02-2024
Registration 19 to 29-02-2024

* The 1st phase of applications is only intended for masters and doctoral courses that are taught in the English language.

2nd Phase  
Applications 11-03-2024 to 05-04-2024
Selection  08 to 18-04-2024
Sending the selection to the Academic Services 18-04-2024
Publication of results 23-04-2024
Complaint 23 to 26-04-2024
Complaint results Until 03-05-2024
Registration 29-04 to 10-05-2024
3rd Phase  
Applications 27-05-2024 to 05-07-2024
Selection  08 to 16-07-2024
Sending the selection to the Academic Services 16-07-2024
Publication of results 23-07-2024
Complaint 23 to 26-07-2024
Complaint results Until 30-07-2024
Registration 24 to 31-07-2024
4th Phase  
Applications 09-08-2024 to 26-08-2024
Selection  26-08 to 04-09-2024
Sending the selection to the Academic Services 04-09-2024
Publication of results 11-09-2024
Complaint 11 to 13-09-2024
Complaint results Until 17-09-2024
Registration 11 to 19-09-2024

Note: Non-EU applicants are advised to apply in the early stages due to the need to obtain a visa, a process that may delay arrival on national territory.