The Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (FCHS) of the University of Algarve, the University of Lisbon – Faculty of Arts and the University of Évora - School of Social Sciences, in association, have created the Master in Islamic and Medieval Mediterranean History to operate at the Faculty of Arts of Lisbon.


The course aims to train scientifically skilled professionals in the knowledge and study of problems related to the process of formation of modern Western societies, focusing on the Islamic past and the role of the Mediterranean in the construction of Europe and Portugal. It takes the territory of al-Andalus as a space of observation, without forgetting the way it was inserted in larger cultural units (the Western Mediterranean, and especially North Africa), to analyze it as a space of coexistence between very different cultures and societies and to understand the dynamics of interaction and exchange, or opposition, domination and conflict that took place there.

Operating Mode

The course will run in a mixed face-to-face and remote format, ensuring that all students have access to the seminars taught by each of the universities in the consortium.

Tuition and Fees 2024/2025

National Students: 

first year curriculum: 1200€

other curricular year: 1200€

International Students*:  

first year curriculum: 2000€

other curricular year: 2000€

Application Fee: 50 Euros **

Registration Fee and School Insurance: 175 Euros

Note: The  tuition of this course can be paid in 10 installments, being the first at the time of registration and the remaining in the months of October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May and June.

* in accordance with Decree-Law No. 36/2014, changed by Decree-Law No.62/2018, of 6th August, international students are nationals of a country which is not a Member State of the European Union and are not a legally resident in Portugal for more than 2 uninterrupted years by 1st of January of the enrolment year


** - The application fee must be paid within a maximum of 2 days

The applications for Master's courses are made through the Application Portal, available in the "Admissions" tab
Career Opportunities
  • Research in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences, particularly in the areas of Mediterranean History, Culture, Heritage and Civilization
  • Consulting services on civil society activities in Arab countries, or on Arab Mediterranean countries