The degree in Biomedical Sciences offers multidisciplinary training that allows graduates of this course to participate in programs and projects of fundamental, applied, technological development or diagnostic biomedical research.


  • Train professionals capable of mastering the concepts and techniques of medical science and molecular biology
  • Train graduates able to pursue studies at the 2nd and 3rd cycles with different orientations leading to specializations in areas as diverse as molecular medicine, gene therapy, bio-nanotechnology or regenerative medicine or, alternatively, to opt for medical training, within the scope of a medical course conceived in terms of post-graduation
  • Offer a multidisciplinary preparation that allows graduates of this course to provide quality support and collaboration to programs and projects of fundamental or applied biomedical research, technological development or diagnosis
  • Train professionals capable of communicating their knowledge to specialist and non-specialist audiences
The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities
  • Integration into working groups in the fields of biology, biomedicine and medical genetics, in a business or academic environment
  • Research laboratories
  • Research and Development Centers
  • Biomedical application companies
  • Other public or private entities
  • Possibility to continue the 2nd cycle of this course
  • Possibility to apply for a medical course at UAlg, or at another University that has vacancies for licensed students, with the possibility of continuing their training in the field of medicine

“The years I spent at UAlg were unforgettable and essential to become the person and scientist that I am today. I dreamed, I contribute to the increase of scientific knowledge, and my research has a direct and real impact on the lives of many patients. No doubt I owe it to UAlg! "

Iris Silva

Biomedical Sciences