Curso Livre de Escrita e Comunicação Científica

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Faculdade de Medicina e Ciências Biomédicas
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Science and Health Technologies
Scientific communication is an essential activity for success in the area of biomedicine, with various aspects ranging from oral presentations to the writing of articles and research projects. This is not normally part of the course curriculum, but it is absolutely essential in academic life, so the course will complement the postgraduate and continuing education programme.


  • To stimulate and enhance skills which are essential for a successful scientific activity
  • To help understand the importance of scientific communication
  • To help develop skills in reading and discussing scientific articles
  • To help develop skills in writing articles and research projects
  • To help develop skills in the preparation and presentation of oral communications

Operating Mode

The post-labour course works in an online format, via zoom, and through the UAlg Tutoring platform, requiring study and preparation of the material in an asynchronous way (outside the contact time with the teachers).


  • Class participation
  • Reading and presentation of papers
  • Writing of abstracts, articles and scientific projects
  • Oral presentations of scientific projects and articles

Tuition and Fees 2022/2023

Tuition: 160€

Application Fee: 10€

Registration Fee and School Insurance: 10€

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