General Rules for Journalists

We provide a set of general rules for journalists, to assist in the regulation of external communication.

We provide you with a guiding document with a set of general rules for journalists that assist you in regulating external communications about the University of Algarve.


One of the functions of the Communication and Protocol Office (GCP) is to mediate contact between the University and the Media. Whenever journalists need to film, photograph or conduct interviews, GCP can be a facilitator, helping select locations, asking for permission to film or photograph.

To save time and effort, contact the Press Office of the University of Algarve.

Email: )

or call +351 289 800 099 or +351 919 385 513.


Journalists must inform the Communication and Protocol Office (GCP) whenever they wish to carry out work within the University of Algarve. Whenever possible, we request a 24-hour notice.

Journalists must comply with the privacy and data protection policies of the University of Algarve. No individual should be filmed without their permission, except at events to which the public and the media have been invited.

Journalists must obtain prior permission to film or photograph in any internal space at the University of Algarve: administrative buildings, offices, classrooms, study rooms, laboratories, libraries, bars and canteens.

Journalists should not conduct “personal” interviews at the University of Algarve without the collaboration of the Communication and Protocol Office (GCP). These interviews, including approaching any students, teachers and staff, must be previously agreed upon with this office.

Photographs provided by the University of Algarve must be used, with the appropriate credit, for editorial purposes only. Editing, altering or embellishing photos in any way that changes their editorial content is strictly prohibited.

Whenever referring to the University of Algarve in the form of an acronym, the designation “UAlg” must be respected.

Requests to use the name of the University of Algarve, photographs or any of its graphic brands, marketing materials, or press releases must be addressed to the Communication and Protocol Office (GCP).

Requests must be submitted here.



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