Return to face-to-face school activities



Dear student,

I hope you are well.

Following the decision announced today by the Government, we will resume face to face activities on April 19 (Monday). The operating rules will be identical to those that took place during the 1st semester:

  • Reduction in the capacity of teaching spaces, use of auditoriums for classes;

  • Mandatory use of a mask at all places in the campuses, washing your hands and physical distancing.

Some classes may continue to be taught remotely, just as they did in the 1st semester. If you have any particular doubts about the functioning of your course, you should contact the Dean of your Faculty / School/Institute or your Course Director.

The experience of the 1st semester showed us that the teaching facilities are safe places, as the classes were not the source of any outbreak. This was only possible because we took the appropriate measures and behaved correctly. I am sure that we will keep these behaviors in this return to face-to-face activities. I am counting on you, particularly in contexts outside the academic space, both inside and outside the campuses. We already know the consequences of risky behavior, so they must be avoided. We have to appreciate the possibility of having 8 weeks of face-to-face classes until the end of the 2nd semester (June 12th).

As you know, the University of Algarve joined the Portuguese Red Cross Testing Program - Higher Education. The test is not mandatory, but it allows us to have a safer return. Starting tomorrow, the enrolled students will receive, by email, the test schedule. It is a large-scale and complex operation, which does not allow scheduling more than 48 hours in advance. All enrolled students will be called, so they should wait.

I end with wishes of academic success. It is a pride to have you as students of the University of Algarve.


Paulo Águas