UAlg supports academic community in situations of lockdown or social isolation

Considering the current pandemic outlook for COVID-19, the University of Algarve has created a system of logistical and psychosocial support aimed at any member of the academic community who is in a situation of mandatory lockdown/self isolation.


Support for the academic community in situations of compulsory lockdown or social isolation, due to COVID-19

In this sense, the University of Algarve, in a joint response, which includes the Rector’s Office, the Social Action Services, the UAlg V Volunteer Group and the Academic Association, has just launched a support platform for any member of the academic community, in particular students, whether national or international, living alone in the Algarve region.

Based on the motto #UAlgEstamosJuntos, the Institution again ensures that no one is left behind, providing assistance to members of its community.

This campaign has the following support methods: delivery of essential goods, namely food products, meals, medicines and other goods; delivery of materials needed to monitor school activities; and psychosocial support.

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