The Food Engineering is a highly multi-interdisciplinary scientific and technological area that studies the production, conservation, distribution and commercialization of high quality food, taking into account hygiene and safety rules and respecting the environmental balance.


  • Train professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to solve specific problems in Food Engineering, seeking to satisfy the demands of the labor market and the evolution of Science and Technology
  • Provide fundamental knowledge to understand the physical, chemical and biological nature of food and beverages as well as changes resulting from technological processing and methods of controlling the different stages of production, in order to obtain safe and healthy final products
  • Provide specific skills in terms of food processing, chemical, microbiological and sensory quality control, implementation and management of food quality and safety systems, development and optimization of new technologies and new processes and food products
  • Encourage the use of strategies / solutions aimed at, the use of resources and energy in a sustainable way, the reduction of waste, the reuse of by-products and respect for the environmental balance
The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and special contests.