Who can apply?

Undergraduate or master's degree students from the University of Algarve who, after an interruption in their studies, intend to be re-admitted at UAlg and enroll in the same course or a successive course.

Submission of Applications (2021/21)

Phase 1
06-07-2020 a 20-08-2020 (Complete academic year)
04-08-2020 to 08-09-2020 (Online registration)

Phase 2
01-12-2020 to 15-01-2021 (Only for enrollment in 2nd semester courses)
04 to 29-01- 2021 (Online registration)


50 Euros


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Part-time Students

At the time of registration, the student can apply for the Part-Time Student Scheme, which allows enrollment on a number of course units totaling a maximum of 35 ECTS. The tuition fee for part-time students corresponds to 25% of the tuition fee for the full-time student, plus a variable amount depending on the number of ECTS.

Academic Year 2020/2021

Tuition Fee: 697 Euros