The course is intended to offer a complement of training in Clinical and Health Psychology to holders of the 1st cycle of studies in Psychology, whether they have completed it at the University of Algarve or at any other national or European University. The course, respecting the specificities of the Algarve region in which it operates, places special emphasis on training in promoting the health and quality of life of populations and competence for intervention in health contexts.


  • To provide advanced training in this area of expertise, developing significant theoretical, professional and research skills
  • To prepare students for clinical and health psychology practice, providing strong training in clinical and health assessment, cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic therapies, health promotion programs among other disciplines

Operating Mode

The master's study plan provides advanced training for the exercise of the professional activity of a Psychologist, required by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists to obtain professional accreditation as a Clinical Psychologist.

Simultaneously, students are also prepared for scientific research, through intensive training in theoretical as well as methodological aspects of the Clinical and Health Psychology domain.

The master in Clinical and Health Psychology contributes to the development of the scientific skills necessary for the 3rd cycle training in Psychology (PhD level).

Tuition and Annual Tuition  Fee  2023/2024

National Students: 697 Euros

International Students*: 2000 Euros

Application Fee: 50 Euros

Registration Fee and School Insurance: 175 Euros

Note: The  tuition of this course can be paid in 10 installments, being the first at the time of registration and the remaining in the months of October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May and June.

* in accordance with Decree-Law No. 36/2014, changed by Decree-Law No.62/2018, of 6th August, international students are nationals of a country which is not a Member State of the European Union and are not a legally resident in Portugal for more than 2 uninterrupted years by 1st of January of the enrolment year

The applications for Master's courses are made through the Application Portal, available in the "Admissions" tab.
The 2nd phase only has available 5 slots, exclusively to International Students.
Career Opportunities
  • Public and particular hospitals, health centers
  • Associations and particular health or social agencies
  • City councils
  • Community centers and liberal profession