Portuguese as Foreign Language Course

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Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais
Area of Studies
Arts, Communication and Heritage


Number of Slots: 

Hours: 57


    Who Can Attend

    • Mobility students at the University of the Algarve;
    • Foreign students attending full degrees at UAlg;
    • Mobility or visiting foreign researchers/professors who wish to carry out research at the University of the Algarve;
    • Foreign citizens living in Portugal (henceforth External Students)

    Note 1: the minimum age for admission is 17. Candidates must have completed their secondary school education.

    Note 2: Visa - The applicants from third countries (outside the European Union) must submit a pdf of their VISA to stay in Portugal upon completion of the online application, without which the course registration will not be considered or returned money. The Faculty does not send letters of invitation or acceptance.


    • Fill in the online registration form (all fields are mandatory);
    • You must upload your ID document (Passport; DNI; other ID); Learning Agreement with reference to PLE duly signed by your institution (for Erasmus or other mobility Students) or Proof of Payment (for researchers, full students, other citizens living in Portugal).
    • Please confirm your registration forwarding the email you will receive after submiting the application to ple@ualg.pt and international@ualg.pt


    Application Form

    Calendar 2020/2021

      1st Semester 2nd Semester
    Registration online until 02-10-2020 until 21-02-2021
    Registration online 2nd phase  until 16-10-2020 until 19-03-2021
    Diagnostic test (written and oral)* 12-10-2020 08-03-2021
    Posting of the students’ different levels and timetable 13-10-2020 09-03-2021
    First class 14-10-2020 11-03-2021
    Deadline for students’ enrolment at the Secretaria of FCHS 16-10-2020 19-03-2021
    Classes finish 23-01-2021 12-06-2021
    Deadline for handing in students’ evaluation end of 01-2021 end of 06-2021
    Exams 1st season (Época normal) 01-2021 06-2021
    Exams 2nd season (Época de recurso) 01-2021 06-2021 or 07-2021

    *For students that have already studied Portuguese, but have not presented a certificate.