Number of slots for 2021/2022: 20

Minimum number of students: 8


Conditions of access

  • Holders of a Bachelor's degree (B.A.) in Economics or Business Administration
  • Graduates in other scientific domains, such as Tourism, can also apply. However, their admission may require attending some undergraduate courses in Economics
  • All B.A's granted by an European Union University under the terms of the Bolonha Treaty are eligible. Yet, if your B.A. was awarded by a non-European Union University, your admission is conditional on a positive assessment by our School's Scientific Board
  • In some special circumstances, students that do not hold a B.A. are also eligible to apply to the program. These students must have a professional and academic curriculum that is deemed suitable to this end by the Scientific Board of the School of Economics. Cases such as this are analyzed on a case-by-case basis

Criteria for selection of the candidates

  • Academic Training (final grade)
  • Professional, scientific and academic experience
  • In case of tie, wil be held an interview

Necessary documentation

  • Completed Application form (Choose option "Candidaturas a Mestrados - cursos da Faculdade de Economia")
  • An up to date CV of your professional and educational background with a colour photo
  • Payment of the application fee (50 euros)
  • University Degree Certificate and Academic Results Transcripts:
    - Documents in English, Portuguese, Spanish or French do not require translation. Documents in any other language must be translated into English or Portuguese;
    - If you are non-Portuguese, these documents must be certified in your country by a notary under the Hague Apostille Convention or by the Portuguese Consulate;
    - If your University Degree Certificate or Academic Results Transcripts do not contain Final Grade of the course, you have to submit an official document with its calculation and explanation of the grading system which were used in the institution where you received your Degree.
  • Passport or identity card
  • Colour photograph
  • Taxpayer number (for Portuguese applicants only).

Apply here

Merit Scholarships

For the upcoming academic year, Merit Scholarships will be made available by the Faculty for the most outstanding candidates enrolling in the program. Merit Scholarships will only cover the program tuition fee. You must first apply for admission before you can apply for the scholarship. All conditions for awarding Merit Scholarships are provided in "Regulation for the Award of Merit Scholarships".

To apply for Merit Scholarship, it is necessary to complete the application form and send it to, together with the documents indicated in the form.


Application calendar for 2021/2022

1st Phase*  
Applications 09-12-2020 to 29-01-2021
Selection  01 to 05-02-2021
Publication of results 08-02-2021
Complaint 08 and 09-02-2021
Complaint results Until 11-02-2021
Registration 15 to 22-02-2021


2nd Phase  
Applications 24-02-2021 to 09-04-2021
Selection  12 to 16-04-2021
Publication of results 19-04-2021
Complaint 19 and 20-04-2021
Complaint results Until 21-04-2021
Registration 26 to 30-04-2021


3rd Phase  
Applications 04-05-2021 to 09-07-2021
Selection  12 to 16-07-2021
Publication of results 19-07-2021
Complaint 19 and 20-07-2021
Complaint results Until 21-07-2021
Registration 26 to 30-07-2021


4th Phase**  
Applications 02 to 27-08-2021
Selection  30-08 to 03-09-2021
Publication of results 08-09-2021
Complaint 08 and 09-09-2021
Complaint results Until 10-09-2021
Registration 13 to 16-09-2021

* The 1st phase of applications is only intended for masters and doctoral courses that are taught in the English language.

** Only for applicants who are nationals of a Member State of the European Union or foreigners who legally reside in Portugal