This training course aims to promote training and Research & Development (R&D) activities at the University of Algarve.

It is intended to enhance the scientific, technological and academic capacity existing at the University of Algarve, in its research centers and its relationship with society.

The training plan to be implemented consists of a multidisciplinary approach to introduce the research process through practical activity.


The aim of the course is to enhance the attraction of future PhD students by allowing them to be immersed in the research environment of a UAlg R&D unit, integrating teams that develop innovative scientific research work.

It is a course characterized by a high temporal and curricular flexibility, where learning is based on a fundamental component of work in a research project carried out in the R&D unit and supervised by a professor or researcher with a PhD at UAlg.

Tuition and Fees 2024/2025

National Students: 100 Euros

International Students*: 100 Euros

Application Fee: 50 Euros

Registration Fee and School Insurance: 150 Euros

This course has open applications permanently. The applications are made using the online form, available in the "Admissions" tab.