Ai For Business

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Escola Superior de Gestão, Hotelaria e Turismo
Faculty / School
Faculdade de Economia
Area of Studies
Economics, Management and Tourism
Engineering and Technologies


Number of Slots: 20

Minimum number of students: 10

Hours of contact: 24


Target audience

The course "AI 4 Business" is aimed for executives and leaders of organizations, who want to focus on developing strategies to create value for the business, based on data and the latest technological developments that put AI at the service of companies, as well as offer the necessary tools for its use in a responsible manner.

At the end of the program the participants will be aware of the current opportunities generated by the most recent technological developments available and supported by Microsoft technologies, and will be able to build effective and responsible strategies to create new data-driven products and services leveraged by the potential of data science and Artificial Intelligence.

This course is designed to address these challenges with the objective of empowering executives and business leaders to use AI focused on strategy, company culture and leadership, within a framework of ethical use of data.

Conditions of access

  • The attendance of the course does not require initial graduate training

Criteria for selection of the candidates

  • Applicants will be admitted in order of registration and until the proposed number of vacancies is exhausted

Necessary documentation

  • ID card (front and back)