The Dietetics and Nutrition degree provides a solid and diverse formation in Health Sciences, Natural and Exact Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, and Sciences in the Dietetics and Nutrition areas.


  • Train professionals capable to collaborate in the evaluation of the nutritional status of one community and elaborate intervention programs of healthy eating habits
  • Evaluate the nutritional needs and implement dietetic treatments, adequate to clinic situations, by calculating and planning of various nutritional support methods
  • Perform planning functions of regime and menus to different groups of population
The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and special contests.
Career Opportunities

The graduates in Dietetics and Nutrition are able to work in:

  • Public and private hospitals
  • Private clinics
  • Health centers
  • Food industry
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Public institutions (autarchies, geriatric institutions, kindergartens)
  • Teaching and research
  • Liberal exercise

"The quality and commitment of the teaching staff, the good physical conditions for studying, as well as the experiences of involvement in associations, remain a fundamental part of every victory I achieved at a professional level."

Paulo Niza

Dietetics and Nutrition