Number of slots for 2023/2024: 14 (4th phase)

Minimum number of students: 5


Conditions of access

Oral and written domain of portuguese language and locigal and critical argument rules, demonstrated through a written and oral exam.

  • Holders of the degrees referred in the number 1 of the arcticle 17th of teh Decreee-Law 74/2006, changed by the Decree-Law 107/2008, 230/2009 and 115/2013
  • Holders of the minimum requirements of the number 6 of the annex of teh Decree-Law 79/2014 to the group 220
  • Applicants with the conditions referred in point d), number 1 of the article 17th of teh Decree-Law 74/2006, changed by Decree-Law 107/2008, 230/2009 and 115/2013
  • The tuition fee includes the attendance of the UC necessary to obtain the credits of the minimum training requirements 

Criteria for selection of the candidates

  • Bachelor's degree final grade
  • Final grade of the exams of oral and written domain of portuguese language and logical and critical argument rules
  • Bachelor's degree conclusion year
  • Applicant's age

Necessary documentation

  • Curriculum Vitae (with personal data, academics and professionals)
  • Certificate of Qualifications, with the discrimination of the classifications obtained in each unit
  • Copy of passport or ID card
  • Payment proof of 50€ registration fee.

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Application calendar for 2023/2024

1st Phase*  
Applications 05-01-2023 to 31-01-2023
Selection  01 to 10-02-2023
Publication of results 15-02-2023
Complaint 15 to 20-02-2023
Complaint results Until 23-02-2023
Registration 15 to 24-02-2023

* The 1st phase of applications is only intended for masters and doctoral courses that are taught in the English language.

2nd Phase  
Applications 06-03-2023 to 31-03-2023
Selection  03 to 12-04-2023
Publication of results 17-04-2023
Complaint 17 to 21-04-2023
Complaint results Until 28-04-2023
Registration 19 to 28-04-2023
3rd Phase  
Applications 15-05-2023 to 10-07-2023
Selection  10 to 14-07-2023
Publication of results 19-07-2023
Complaint 19 to 25-07-2023
Complaint results Until 28-07-2023
Registration 20 to 31-07-2023
4th Phase**  
Applications 07-08-2023 to 28-08-2023
Selection  28-08 to 06-09-2023
Publication of results 12-09-2023
Complaint 12 to 15-09-2023
Complaint results Until 21-09-2023
Registration 13 to 22-09-2023

Note: Non-EU applicants are advised to apply in the early stages due to the need to obtain a visa, a process that may delay arrival on national territory.