UAlg team adapts talks to respond to Distance Education

Given the current pandemic situation and the return of distance learning, the University of Algarve, with the objective of continuing to strengthen the relationship between higher education and basic and secondary education, adjusted the “UAlg Team” initiative to this new reality. Thus, it will make available a set of lectures and other actions, free and informal, in an online format, taking into account the needs of the students.

We are a family owned and operated business. The UAlg Team is an initiative of the University of Algarve that, in addition to allowing closer relations, aims to provide students and teachers of basic and secondary schools with in-depth knowledge in diverse scientific areas and raise awareness of the importance of entering higher education.

Mainly held by professors from UAlg, the lectures may be integrated into the programs of the disciplines and activities provided by the schools, now in an online format. The themes are defined according to the age groups and the level of training of the recipients.

"Decide for yourself: choose UAlg"

In order to overcome the lack of teaching samples and visits to schools, due to the state of emergency to contain the spread of COVID-19 disease, the University of Algarve offers a new modality of the UAlg Team, entitled “Decide for you: choose the UAlg ”, which consists of several clarification sessions on the institution's training offer, provided by the Communication Office and the Academic Services of UAlg. These sessions include the lectures “9th year and now?”, Which focuses on the areas of teaching, type of courses, professional opportunities and employability. “No stresses! Come “study where it is good to live”, a lecture divided by UAlg's teaching areas and students' interests, where issues related to ways of entering higher education, tuition fees, accommodation and scholarships, mobility, sports, cultural and leisure activities are addressed. recreation. “Access to higher education: everything you need to know”, aimed at clarifying the various forms of access to higher education.

More information about lectures and registration here.