Medical students from UAlg win 1st and 2nd "Eu Participo" awards

UAlg students were the national winners of the “Eu Participipo” awards.

Two projects developed by students of the Integrated Master in Medicine at the University of Algarve were the national winners of the “Eu Participipo” awards, an initiative of the Network of Participating Municipalities. Covidalgarve reached the first place and the Qlinic project the second place.

CovidAlgarve was created by 5th grade students with the aim of intervening with the population, especially the most disadvantaged and isolated, through training and support in the face of the pandemic. The project has already covered 900 families in six municipalities in the Algarve, in different ways: delivery of food goods and disinfectant gel, information on protective measures for COVID-19, awareness-raising actions, among others.

Qlinic is an online platform, also created by UAlg's 5th year medical students, which answers Portuguese questions about health free of charge. The objective is to combat misinformation and avoid the overload of health services, in a period of pandemic.

The “Eu Participipo” initiative aims to recognize and value active citizenship initiatives, which foster solidarity and mutual aid, and help to alleviate the situation of social isolation of the population in the context of the current health crisis caused by the new coronavirus. The award is aimed at young people aged between 14 and 30 years.