Number of slots for 2022/2023: 25

Minimum number of students: 8


Conditions of access

a) Holders of a Bachelor degree, or legally equivalent, in Electrotechnical and Computers Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, or related areas

b) Holders of a Bachelor degree, or legally equivalent, in other Engineering and Exact Sciences areas, whose courses are organized in accordance with the principles of the Bologna process – after admission students may be subject to the frequency of complementary curricular units, depending on the CUs of the selected study plan

c) Holders of a foreign Bachelor degree, or legally equivalent, recognized as satisfying the objectives of the Bachelor degree (or higher) by the Technical-Scientific Council (CTC) of the Institute of Engineering (ISE)

d) Holders of a school, scientific or professional curriculum that are recognized and attested by the CTC-ISE's as ability to attend the study cycle

Criteria for selection of the candidates

Candidates are serialized by the successive application of the following criteria:

  • Adequacy of the degree or equivalent of which the applicant is holder
  • Final classification of the Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Analysis of the curriculum vitae
  • Analysis of the motivation letter and letters of recommendation

Necessary documentation

  • Application form duly completed
  • Certificates of academic qualifications
  • Curriculum vitæ
  • Copy of personal identification document (Citizen Card or equivalent)
  • Letter of motivation indicating the area of specialization to which the candidate is applying (Information Technology and Telecommunications (TIT) or Power and Control Systems (SEC))
  • Letter of recommendation (optional)
  • Other documents considered relevant by the applicant

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Application calendar for 2022/2023

1st Phase*  
Applications 04-01-2022 to 02-02-2022
Selection  07 to 11-02-2022
Publication of results 17-02-2022
Complaint 17 and 18-02-2022
Complaint results Until 21-02-2022
Registration 17-02 to 03-03-2022

* The 1st phase of applications is only intended for masters and doctoral courses that are taught in the English language.

2nd Phase  
Applications 08-03-2022 to 13-04-2022
Selection  18 to 22-04-2022
Publication of results 28-04-2022
Complaint 28 and 29-04-2022
Complaint results Until 02-05-2022
Registration 28-04 to 11-05-2022


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3rd Phase*  
Applications 16-05-2022 to 06-07-2022
Selection  11 to 15-07-2022
Publication of results 21-07-2022
Complaint 21 and 22-07-2022
Complaint results Until 25-07-2022
Registration 21 to 29-07-2022

* The Master in Marine, Biodiversity, Fisheries and Conservation has a specific calendar, which is available on the tab "Applications" of the respective course page

4th Phase*  
Applications 03 to 31-08-2022
Selection  05-09 to 09-09-2022
Publication of results 14-09-2022
Complaint 14 and 15-09-2022
Complaint results Until 16-09-2022
Registration 14 to 20-09-2022

* Only for applicants who are nationals of a Member State of the European Union or foreigners who legally reside in Portugal