Vagas para 2020/2021: 20

Áreas de formação relevantes: Matemática e Física e Química


Academic Year 2020/2021

  • Holders of a secondary education course or legally equivalent qualification (e.g. vocational course or technological course)
  • Holders of a technological specialisation diploma, a higher vocational technical diploma or a higher education degree
  • Applicants who obtain approval through the process for over-23s

Calendar 2020/2021

  Phase 1 Phase 2
Submission of applications 27-07-2020 to 23-08-2020 15 to 29-09-2020
Seriation of applicants 11-09-2020 07-10-2020
Online publication of seriation results 14-09-2020 (1) 08-10-2020
Appeals - online via form 14 to 15-09-2020 08 to 09-10-2020
Online publication of the results of complaints 16-09-2020 12-10-2020
Online registration of candidates placed 14 to 22-09-2020 (2, 3) 08 to 13-10-2020 (3)

PEAC calendar (Only for applicants given a conditional place on the course and substitutes who do not meet the conditions for admission to the course)

PEAC online registration 14 to 17 September 2020 08 to 09-10-2020
Specific knowledge assessment test (PEAC)/Saturday or evening 18-09-2020 12-10-2020
Online publication of the results of the PEACs 23-09-2020 14-10-2020
Online appeals via form 23 to 24-09-2020 14 to 15-10-2020
Online publication of the results of complaints 25-09-2020 16-10-2020
Online registration of applicants placed 25 to 28-09-2020 19 to 21-10-2020


  1. In 2020/21, only CTeSP with at least ten students enrolled at the end of the first phase of applications will be taught
  2. Applicants placed in the first phase may be placed again in the second phase if there are any places available resulting from the non-enrollment of candidates placed in the first phase
  3. Failure to meet this deadline will lead to the automatic loss of the place

Candidates who are not trained in at least one of the relevant areas of the CTeSP to which they are applying will have to take a knowledge assessment test. After passing the test, you will meet the required entry conditions and will be placed in the course you applied for, subject to there being places available.

If you gain entry through the process for over-23s, you will need to have taken the specific entrance exam for this competition.


Regulamento dos Cursos Técnicos Superiores Profissionais da UAlg