The University of Algarve reinforces the motto "Study where you live well" and guarantees its students may study somewhere they live well and safely. Follow our recommendations and stay safe.

The Contingency Plan applies to all teaching and non-teaching staff, students and researchers at the University of Algarve, as well as to all those who participate in activities that take place within the institution's facilities. All those mentioned hereinabove must comply strictly with the Plan, ceasing any behavior that may put their health and that of others at risk, respecting the guidelines provided.

The implementation of the Contingency Plan is coordinated by the Rector, through the University of Algarve’s Emergency Centre (CEUAlg), which operates in the Rectory, within the Gambelas Campus. The composition of CEUAlg is included in a decree issued by the Rector. The University of Algarve’s Emergency Centre (CEUAlg) has a specific email address, which can be used for questions or suggestions put forward by the academic community of UAlg.

Through the implementation of the Contingency Plan, efforts will be made to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the University of Algarve.

A UAlg acaba de lançar uma plataforma de apoio destinada a membros da comunidade académica a residir sozinhos na região do Algarve. Esta campanha inclui entrega de bens de primeira necessidade, nomeadamente produtos alimentares, refeições, medicamentos e outros bens; entrega de materiais necessários para o acompanhamento das atividades letivas; e apoio psicossocial.

Learn about some measures for the prevention and mitigation of contagion.

Be aware of some measures to help control contagion.

If necessary, find out who you can contact for a better monitoring of the situation.

Learn about some of the measures adopted by UAlg to face the pandemic.

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The Contingency Plan applies to all teaching and non-teaching workers, students and researchers at the...