UAlg ranks above average on 17 U-Multirank 2020 indicators




The University of Algarve stands out again at U-Multirank 2020, maintaining its position in the Top 10 national, in eighth position, in a ranking of 27 Portuguese higher education institutions.

The Algarve Academy reached the maximum classification in six indicators, but is above average, with "Good" or "Very Good" in 17 indicators. Compared to last year, UAlg showed an improvement in five indicators.

The maximum rating of “Very Good” achieved in this ranking was achieved in the following indicators: Spin-offs (Knowledge transfer); Post-Doctorates (Research); Interdisciplinarity of publications (Research); Publications standardized by the size of the institution (Research); Joint international publications (Internationalization); Foreign teachers (Internationalization).

In previous years the “Research”, the “Knowledge Transfer” and the “Internationalization” had already reached the maximum classification as a result of the UAlg's development strategy, affirming it as a cosmopolitan and innovative university, which strongly bets in the production of knowledge and its transfer to society. This year, the University of Algarve stands out again in the “Internationalization”, with the improvement in the indicator of the foreign teachers.

This ranking compares around 1800 universities worldwide, based on five performance criteria: Teaching (Teaching and Learning), Research (Research), Knowledge Transfer (Knowledge Transfer), Internationalization (International Orientation) and Regional Engagement (Regional Engagement).

Each university is classified taking into account a total of 36 indicators, which can be consulted at: