UAlg is on the list of the best universities in the field of engineering

The University of Algarve is part of the World University Rankings by Subject of Times Higher Education (THE), in the areas of “Life Sciences”, “Clinical & Health”, “Physical Sciences” and “Engineering”. Despite the increase in the number of participating universities, UAlg remained in position 501-600 in the areas of “Life Sciences” and “Physical Sciences”, appearing for the first time in the area of ​​“Engineering”, in position 601-800.

In all areas disclosed by THE so far, UAlg has always obtained the best performance at national level in the “International Outlook”, ie, in international projection, and this year 13 Portuguese Higher Education Institutions are represented.

In the 2022 edition, this ranking increased from 895 universities (in 2020) to 972 in the "Life Sciences" area, from 856 (in 2020) to 925 universities in the "Clinical & Health" area, from 1149 (in 2020) to 1227 in the area of ​​“Physical Sciences” and from 1098 (in 2020) to 1188 in the area of ​​“Engineering”.

The 2022 edition is prepared taking into account the various aspects of the institutions, such as teaching, research, international projection and knowledge transfer. The criteria for inclusion in these rankings are to reach the minimum limit of 200 publications in the last five years in these areas and its faculty to reach the minimum limit of 4% of the total for the area of ​​"Social Sciences" and 5% for the area of ​​" Business & Economics”. In the areas of “Life Sciences” and “Clinical, Pre-Clinical & Health”,  the criteria are: minimum limit of 500 publications in the last 5 years and 5% of the faculty are from the area (or minimum of 50 professors).