UAlg recognised worldwide as a pioneer in commitment to SDGs

The University of Algarve (UAlg) integrates for the fourth time the "Times Higher Education THE Impact Ranking", which evaluates how the teaching, research, management and extension activities of universities contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. In this ranking, a unique global instrument for assessing the commitment of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to the SDGs, UAlg is positioned 201-300 in the overall ranking, among 1591 HEIs from 112 countries.

UAlg submitted itself to evaluation in 17 SDGs, having obtained an overall score of 80.1 out of 100, an increase of 0.3 compared to 2022. According to THE's methodology, for this rating were taken into account the three SDGs where UAlg obtained the best rating plus SDG 17 which is mandatory.

The Algarve Academy stood out in SDG 12 - Sustainable production and consumption (71.7), ranking 101-200 among 674 HEIs that presented evidence for this goal. To UAlg's result contributed mainly the campaigns to reduce the use of plastic, the proportion of recycled waste on campuses (Amount of recycled waste in 2021: 92 Tons - 66% of the global total) and, for the 1st time, in 2022, the preparation of UAlg's sustainability report.

In SDG 15 - Protect terrestrial life (74.4) it ranked 88 out of 586 HEIs, resulting from UAlg's support of terrestrial ecosystems through a quality and diversified educational offer, the implementation of educational campaigns associated with the removal of invasive species and the planting of native species on the Gambelas campus "Operation Green Mountain- Together we protect", with strong regional partnerships.

In SDG 16 - Peace, justice and effective institutions (74.0) it reached the 101-200 position among 10 HEIs, with the contribution of Social Education graduates being crucial.

In SDG 17 - Partnership for the implementation of the goals (85.7) it is in position 101-200 among 1625 HEIs. The result was achieved due to the diversified network of academic and non-academic institutions with which UAlg cooperates nationally and internationally and which also contribute to the individual reporting of each SDG at UAlg.

In addition to the three SDGs taken into account for the UAlg classification, i.e. where it obtained better results, its commitment in SDG 4 - Quality Education (70.2), in the 101-200 position among 1304 HEIs, in which UAlg occupied the 1st place among Portuguese HEIs, should also be highlighted. Its contribution in the proportion of 1st generation students attending higher education stands out here. 

In this ranking that included 15 Portuguese Higher Education Institutions, only four HEIs, where UAlg is included, showed evidence of contributions in all SDGs.

UAlg thus demonstrates its commitment to support the Sustainable Development Goals through teaching, research and knowledge transfer, but also in incorporating these objectives in the main guidelines of the Institution, contributing to a fairer and more inclusive society, with impact in the region and globalized world.

More information about this ranking can be consulted here.